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Summer 2018 Electives

Why do I need to take an elective?

The horticulture certificate is designed for individuals interested in horticulture or more generally the landscape industry. The core courses within the certificate are designed to provide the fundamental science of each discipline. These core courses typically have a field trip component to them as well, which introduces students to real-world situations and gives students a snapshot of what it would be like to work in different sectors of the industry.
There are two reasons the certificate requires 4 units of elective units as a requirement for graduation. The first reason is to give students interested in a specific topic a deeper knowledge base in that area. This provides students access to information in an area that they are interested in and an overall better educational experience. The second reason for an elective requirement is to give students the opportunity to gain more knowledge in an area they feel they need more study. Many times information comes together much better when you apply it in different ways and elective courses tend to provide students with situations to utilize the knowledge they have gained in the core courses in a more hands-on applicable way.

What elective courses can I take this quarter?

Each quarter the Horticulture & Gardening Program strives to offer a diverse sampling of elective units. These courses can be taken as the elective requirement for the Horticulture Certificate, or they can be taken as one-off courses for personal enrichment.  Click on the icons below to learn more about each elective and to sign up. The below list courses are approved by the department to qualify for elective credit.






Students do not need to be a certificate student to sign up for any of the Horticulture & Gardening program courses.

Are you a new Horticulture Certificate student? Use the Quarterly Curriculum Chart to help you plan your quarterly class schedule.

If you would like to become a candidate in the Horticulture certificate, fill out the online application and pay the $200 candidacy fee. This can be done at anytime, and you do not need to be a certificate student to take any of the Horticulture & Gardening program courses.

For more information on the certificate, specializations and/or courses please contact the Program Manager, Melissa McDonald at 310-825-9414