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Horticulture Certificate

Students Can Begin the Program Any Quarter

Designed for aspiring horticulturists and for professionals currently working in the landscape industry, the Horticulture Certificate provides the science-based curriculum sought by current industry employers. The certificate is a comprehensive approach to horticulture, teaching you the tools of proper plant care, how to think strategically and holistically in the environment, and how to be successful and competitive within the industry.

The certificate program can be completed in as little as one year.


Core Courses

Course Title Winter Spring Summer Fall
Biolgy X 496.2 General Botany for Gardeners Online Online
Biolgy X 499.97 Introduction to Irrigation Practices Remote Classroom
Biolgy X 499 Plant Materials for Landscape Use Remote Classroom
Biolgy X 498.2 Horticultural Pest Management Remote Classroom
Biolgy X 493.2 Soil and Plant Nutrition Classroom Remote
Biolgy X 424.41 Plant Taxonomy and ID Online


Four elective units or a program approved internship (4 units) must be inserted into the curriculum before certificate is awarded.

Certificate Costs
Candidacy/Application Fee: $200
Estimated Cost of Courses: $4,360
Estimated Textbook and Materials: $600
Estimated Total Cost $5,160

For more information about the Horticulture Certificate visit the UCLA Extension certificate page.

Students pay for courses in the certificate on a per course basis. See course fee chart here

For more information visit the Horticulture certificate page on the UCLA Extension website. 

Program Office: 310-825-9586 | horticulture@uclaextension.edu