Jobs & Internships


Earning a certificate in Horticulture prepares you for a variety of jobs within the landscape industry. Due to the scientific rigor of the courses and the experience gained through applied learning throughout the program, program students are highly desirable applicants to many local companies. Enrolling as a candidate in the Horticulture Certificate provides you with timely and applicable notification of any and all job opportunities that contact the office. At this time there are no internship opportunities within the program.


Our students are extremely dedicated, driven, and regularly receive strong recommendations from employers. Every quarter we assist students and employers find employment opportunities that are mutually beneficial. If you are looking for skilled, professional employees to join your team, please fill out the employment opportunity form. You can also call the program office at 310-825-9414 and ask for the Program Manager.

Company and Organization Spotlight


GreenTree Landscaping a design, build, and maintenance company is always looking for knowledgeable and dedicated new employees. Click the image above for current job opportunities.